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Products Offered


Abaca Fibre

Pineapple Fiber

Jute Fiber

Aloe Fibers

Sabai Grass Fiber

Musti Kusa Grass

Banana Fibers

Sisal Fibers

Coconut Broom Sticks

Hemp Fibers

Natural Fiber & Hand Spun Yarn

Aloe Yarn

Sabai Grass Yarn

Hemp Yarn

Banana Yarn

Aloe Yarn Rope

Kora Grass Yarn

Coir Yarn

Banana Pith Yarn

Pineapple Fiber Yarn

Yarn and Rope

Coir Rope

Sisal Rope

Sisal Yarn

Hemp Rope

Abaca Yarn

Jute Yarn

Jute Yarn Rope

Greenhouse Products

Hanging Basket

Coco Peat

Weed Controller

Table Top Basket

Coco Peat Disc

Seed Germination Cup

Coco Pole

Grow Bag

Coco Pot

Coir Fiber

Coir Curled Fibre

Bamboo Basket

Jute Brooms

Coconut Fibre (Coir Fibre)

Grass Broom Sticks

Plastic Ropes

Other Products

Plastic Brooms

Plastic Rope (Sutli)

Braided Yarn & Rope

Infrastructure and Quality 

We are supported by a state of the art infrastructural base that is spread over a huge area. Our advanced manufacturing units are well equipped with latest machines and tools of various specifications that ensure the production of quality products. All the and equipment and machines are regularly checked
for proper functioning so that we can offer the best to the clients in small as well as bulk orders. In addition to this, we have a pool of experienced and skilled team, that works day and night to fulfill the needs of the clients. Our professional team is very well versed with every aspect of production to assure the delivery of high performing products. They always keep themselves abreast with the ever changing market needs to provide complete satisfaction to the clients.

We pay attention to the quality-control work while taking empirical measures in order to bring about enhancement in product quality and ensure complete satisfaction to customers. We conduct substantive tests on jute fiber qualities such as strength and durability. Our sophisticated quality control unit, espoused by an exclusive team that keeps a close watch on the production process to ensure the flawless and streamlined production of quality products, is provided with advanced tools and machinery.

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